december update

I know I haven't posted anything in ages and ages. The truth is, living back at home with my parents has stunted my motivation to both create and to blog. I'm currently working a retail job, which, while most definitely a learning experience, makes me feel very pessimistic about my future career options.

I did, however, participate in 2011's National Novel Writing Month and I won. I'm as surprised as you are, believe me. I wrote a 53,000 word novel in less than a month. (Its title is Quest for the Marion and it's a sci-fi novel.) It's rekindled my desire to write. And while I haven't been nearly as focused as I was in November, I am still writing. Which makes me feel good about myself.

I think I will make an effort to get my creative life back on track, in terms of creating visual art. I've been slowly filching things (that would have otherwise been thrown out, so I don't feel very bad) from my job with the plan of making a "December" mini-book mostly documenting my experience at seasonal retail.

Enough about my life. I made a Christmas mix for kicks and giggles, full of songs I've been into lately. I thought I would put the MediaFire link up here in case anyone's interested.



Dedicated to the cataclysmic events taking place all over the country.

And a special last minute addition for all my peeps in central Texas:

The world is ending, I swear.
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drawn-on collage

This thing had an odd evolution. I wrote numbers of photos that I wanted to print from my computer on a piece of scratch card stock, then I decided to doodle a peacock on it. Then I thought it looked neat, like a drawn-on collage, so I added a horizontal stripe. And that's what happened. I just think it looks interesting.
art art craft craft


A while ago, I was posting these in three-page batches, trying to be all coy. Well screw that, I just typed up this monster of an entry for jr__nal and I'm putting it here too.

I haven't been art journalling recently, but yesterday I did bring this thing back from the dead--my INSPIRE book of miscellaneous ephemera. Scrapbooky type stuff. There's a lot of it, and I've captioned most of it, because I felt like it.

Collapse )

As I was going through these, it came to me that this is concrete and undisputable evidence that I am an unsalvageable nerd. Also an excellent answer to the question "Why am I still single?"
art art craft craft

pyar kiya

The next few posts are going to be all Bollywood/Indian dance-related. Just to give you fair warning.

From Mughal-E-Azam, "Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya?" or "I have loved, so what should I fear?" Something like that. Acrylics and brush pen on brown cardstock. Apologies for the horrific scan.


quit thinkin'

I just whipped this out one day sitting on my new couch. I had just bought two of these frames from Target for like $3 and wanted to put some typography in them. Semi-inspired by Artsyville, which I was browsing through that day.

The colors are a little off (my camera, Photoshop, and screen are constantly conspiring against me), but "QUIT" is red and "& just" is orange. You'd never know it from this picture!
shaayar to nahin

luckily i have a perfectly appropriate icon

In keeping with the theme of Bollywood, Hindi, and devanagari, please have this stanza from the lovely song "Main Shayar To Nahin" from the film Bobby.

I was really psyched about making this a cool minimal black-and-white poster, but it's really hard to design with a script you don't have an intuitive understanding of.

main shayar to nahin
magar e hasiin
jab se dekha
maine tujhko mujhko
shaayri aa gayi

I'm not a poet
But oh beautiful one
When I saw you
Poetry came to me