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ishq ishq yeh ishq [May. 27th, 2011|04:40 pm]
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[music |"yeh ishq" from aaja nachle]

Sorry for the radio silence. Besides the fact that I haven't actually been doing much art, I've been busy not having internet and watching Bollywood movies. On that topic...

"Ishq" is one of the many many Hindi words for "love." I'm not sure if I'm right, but I think it's like the passionate all-consuming fire type of love, as opposed to "pyaar" which is a more wholesome general type of love. I repeat, I do not know this for sure, I'm extrapolating from all the filmi songs about ishq, which all seem to be about passion and intoxicating obsession. Plus it's a Persian/Arabic borrowing (you can tell from the "q" which is an Arabic sound, not a Sanskrit sound), and thus used more in poetry, and I feel like fiery love is more poetic than other types.

Anyhow, I like writing "ishq" in Devanagari, which is why I carved it into a piece of linoleum and printed it on any random piece of paper I grabbed from my stash.


And this is the song that kept playing my head as I carved (bonus subtitles if you're fluent in Portuguese):

Edit: Wikipedia has validated me!

"In Hindi, ishq (इश्क़) is mostly used to refer to romantic love in its extreme passionate form. This interpretation of Ishq is mostly popularised by Bollywood movies and Indian filmi music."