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yes indeed.


now mostly art, with a little bit of commentary. older and more texty entries are now friends-only but not really that interesting, to be honest. mostly i draw, but i also paint and collage. i dabble in graphic design.

my areas of interest include comics, bollywood, good music, foreign movies, classic movies, whimsical movies, and only the best tv. i like to learn languages: i've done french, hindi and portuguese so far. i think i'm pretty okay.

accents, air, alphonse mucha, ampersands, androgyny, antiquity, art, art nouveau, astrud gilberto, audrey hepburn, baz luhrmann, beautiful people, beautiful things, bjork, black & white, bollywood, books, breezes, cary grant, cats, chapstick, chatting, chet baker, cibo matto, clark gable, clothing, comics, commas, corsets, creation, culture, danny kaye, dean martin, depeche mode, disney musicals, drawing, dreams, drizzle, dvds, eisley, endearments, ewan mcgregor, exclamation points, fascination, fashion, fashion history, flappers, fonts, foreign languages, frank sinatra, fred astaire, friends, frou frou, gene kelly, gilbert & sullivan, ginger rogers, gorgeous people, graphics, graphite, gray, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, ice cubes, icons, inspiration, instrumentals, jack vance, jacques brel, james stewart, jazz, jeff buckley, jerry lewis, kindred spirits, labyrinth, lamb, language, languages, listing things, loveliness, makeup, making people laugh, manga, massive attack, me, meanings, mew, mix cds, moby, mods, mogwai, morcheeba, mp3s, mum, muse, music, musicals, myself, myths, names, neil gaiman, nighttime, not-so-beautiful people, obscurity, oingo boingo, old movies, pandas, peter o'toole, photography, photoshop, piercings, poems, poetry, portishead, postcards, procrastinating, prosetry, punctuation, question marks, rain, rainbows, rasputina, redheads, retro, scandinavia, semi-colons, sexiness, shah rukh khan, shakespeare, sigur ros, stereolab, stripes, stuff, tattoos, terry pratchett, the 1920s, the 1930s, the ditty bops, the dresden dolls, the internet, the monkees, the sugarcubes, tonal scales, tori amos, trance music, trip-hop, turner classic movies, unnecessary punctuation, vintage, words, writing